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  • Awesome job! Everyone loves a multi purpose coffee table. Thanks for including all of your materials!
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 20, 2019

  • How can i buy one of those
    By Tfeltner84, on July 9, 2019
    • If you are referring to the lift top brackets, they were on Amazon. The tools and materials were bought from Home Depot.

      They are called:

      Sauton 1pair Folding Lift up Top Table Mechanism Hardware Fitting Hinge Spring Standing Desk Frame

      By asolorz01, on July 10, 2019
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  • Gorgeous serving board! It turned out amazing. Thanks for sharing the steps you followed to complete the project!
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 28, 2019
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  • Great job transforming unneeded space into something functional! Way to apply the skills and knowledge that you learned from your Dad into a hands on project of your own. Nicely done!
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 28, 2019
    • Thank you Ryobi!
      By awloe, on June 28, 2019

  • Nicely done. Your dad taught you well.
    By kimkorte_42279, on June 28, 2019
    • Yes, he sure did Kim, thank you
      By awloe, on June 28, 2019

  • What a great idea!
    By fisherwoman, on June 28, 2019
    • Thank you
      By awloe, on June 30, 2019
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  • Amazing work on this project! Such a great Father's Day present. We can see why he loves it!
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 28, 2019

  • Beautiful build. Did you have plans or just built as you went?
    By OSU5151, on July 3, 2019
    • Thank you. I don't have any plans for it, I just went along with the project from measurements that I found online. From there I was able to build it to certain specs from my father.
      By AndrewG84, on July 6, 2019
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  • Wow, this playhouse is amazing! Your girls are lucky to have a Dad like you. We know they love their new backyard play area! Great work!
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 28, 2019

  • I love this quite a lot
    By awloe, on June 28, 2019

  • Unbelievably Beautiful!! Absolutely  Breathtaking!! I can only imagine how much fun your 👭 have playing in their playhouse... Awesome Job Daddy 😉
    By Bethanne1, on July 10, 2019

  • wwooww! i wish i had a playhouse like that 4 myself, lol Great job! kids must love it!
    By dawn3768, on August 8, 2019
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  • What a green lawn! We are so glad to hear how much you loved using the pruning attachments. Great work!
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 20, 2019
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  • What a great looking coffee table! What made you choose alligator juniper wood slab?
    By RYOBI Nation, on June 20, 2019
    • Thanks I appreciate the comment. I chose the Alligator Juniper Slab was I loved the color of how natural the wood was, the texture of the slab and how it would look when I applied the clear coat only to it.
      By WreakingHavoc1986, on June 20, 2019
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