The Handmade Home

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The Handmade Home

We’re the ones who constantly wear paint stains on our clothes. And sometimes, in our hair. We began our adventure together as college sweethearts, and after a decade of marriage, 3 offspring, and a mortgage later, it’s like we woke up one morning, in the tropics of Alabama still covered in sawdust when the realization hit us: This is our life.

At The Handmade Home, we believe in beautiful, genuine, and approachable design for all. We’re creating a haven for the every day with affordable ideas, fresh solutions and one of a kind looks with an abode that is realistic and attainable. From our exciting adventures, accomplishments and most definitely our failures, we love an inspiring approach to life, design and simple family centered fun. When your home is a created by you and reflects who you are through the process, how can you not help but love it?

Member Since: 09/2012