product FAQs

My phone isn't connecting to my RYOBI radio via Bluetooth.

There are several reasons this could be the happening. Make sure your phone is within 30 feet of the RYOBI Radio, with BLUETOOTH pairing turned on. Ensure the RYOBI Radio is in BLUETOOTH mode and the screen is showing these blinking symbols: ‘bt’. If that symbol is not on the display, cycle through your modes by pressing the MODE button until you once again land on BLUETOOTH mode. If the screen still does not show ‘bt’ flashing (which shows it is in BLUETOOTH pairing mode) hold the PRESET button to erase the memory on the BLUETOOTH module. This should allow the radio to start looking for BLUETOOTH connections once again.

The music is very quiet on Bluetooth mode.

Remember you have two volume controls when connected to the RYOBI Radio via BLUETOOTH. The volume buttons on your radio, and the volume slider on your phone. Ensure both are between 25% to 85% of their maximum for the highest possible sound quality.

The radio is not playing music in Aux-In mode.

The radio will only play music in Aux-In when an auxiliary cord is plugged into the Aux-In jack and then into your device’s headphone jack. The USB port is for charging only, not data (music) transmission.

The USB charging port is not charging my device.

Ensure that the RYOBI Radio is turned on. USB charging will work with the radio off, but only for 45 minutes. Ensure the cord you are using is a registered accessory for use with your device. Many third-party cords do not always work with devices. Lastly, make sure the USB is fully seated in the USB port.

My favorite radio station won’t come in.

Radio reception varies greatly due to a lot of factors. If you are inside a building, there are a lot of materials between your radio and the transmission. Ensure the folding antenna is up for the best possible FM reception. Also make sure the radio is in a high place and radio transmissions are not being blocked by surrounding objects.

Why were two AAA alkaline batteries included in the box?

The two included AAA alkaline batteries included in each RYOBI Radio, when installed, allow your radio to remember radio station presets, keep the clock accurate, and remember the last device you connected to via BLUETOOTH. They will only be used when a RYOBI ONE+ battery is not connected to the radio.

What do I do if my battery is exposed to a corrosive or conductive fluid?

If your battery pack is exposed to a corrosive or conductive fluid, do not attempt to use or charge the battery pack and immediately perform the following steps:

1. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including eye protection and rubber gloves.

2. Place your exposed battery pack in a large bucket, such as a 5 gallon or similar bucket, and fill the bucket with regular tap water. Do not place more than two packs in the bucket.

3. Locate the bucket outdoors in an area inaccessible to children and pets and away from all buildings, garages/ sheds, structures, vehicles, and combustible/flammable materials.

4. Leave the battery pack(s) in the bucket filled with tap water and call Customer Service at 1-800-525-2579 for additional instructions on the proper disposal of the exposed battery pack(s).