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Model: #P765 | Home Depot Sku #: 1002315488

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Introducing the new RYOBI ONE+ Hybrid Score™ Wireless Speaker Set. This 2-piece set contains one P760 Primary Wireless Speaker, and one P761 Secondary Wireless Speaker. By connecting your Bluetooth® device first to a Primary Speaker, you now have the ability to connect up to four additional Primary or Secondary Speakers instantly using SKAA® technology. Note that only 5 speakers can be connected together within the network, and that you must have a Primary Speaker in order to transmit audio. Each speaker features a high-quality driver and passive radiator, so you will always receive clear, robust sound. With up to 150 ft. of SKAA range from a Primary Speaker, these speakers can be placed virtually anywhere in the home or on the jobsite and stream through your walls and floors. Control volume levels easily with independent volume control on every speaker, or, control each volume level simultaneously right from your mobile device. The P760 Primary Speaker also features an FM tuner, as well as an integrated auxiliary port for direct connection. Not only are these speakers compatible with any RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt battery, they also include an AC power adaptor that allow for endless runtime.

Note: A P761 Secondary Speaker will only work with a P760 Primary Speaker.

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  • Wireless speaker system that can connect up to 5 speakers instantly using SKAA technology
  • Hybrid power that works with any RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt battery or the included AC power adaptor
  • Bluetooth enabled for quick mobile device to primary speaker connection
  • Integrated FM tuner for more listening options (P760 primary speaker only)
  • Up to 150 ft. of SKAA range between each speaker
  • High quality driver and passive radiator for clear, robust sound
  • Independent volume control for each speaker
  • Includes: P760 primary speaker, P761 secondary speaker, 2 AC power adaptors, and an operator's manual
  • Hybrid: 18V ONE+ battery or AC Power Adaptor
  • Tool Weight: 4.3 lbs.
  • Range: Up to 150 Ft. between each speaker

Hybrid LED Color Range Light - Model p795

P795 534 trilingual 01
Published: 01-09-2018
Filesize: 1.73 MB

P795 542 trilingual flyer 01
Published: 01-09-2018
Filesize: 19.8 KB

SKAA Speaker System - Model p760/p761

P760 p761 171 trilingual 05
Published: 05-17-2017
Filesize: 3.47 MB

P760 p761 flyer 186 trilingual 01
Published: 01-20-2017
Filesize: 27.2 KB

P760 p761 171 r 01
Published: 05-30-2017
Filesize: 261 KB

18 Volt Hybrid LED Cable light - Model p785

P785 116 trilingual 03
Published: 01-08-2018
Filesize: 4.25 MB

18 Volt Workshop Blower - Model p755

P755 167 trilingual 02
Published: 06-07-2017
Filesize: 1.28 MB

P755 167 r 01
Published: 01-16-2017
Filesize: 135 KB

18 V LED Flashlight - Model p705

P705 960 trilingual 02
Published: 12-08-2016
Filesize: 1.82 MB

18V ToughTunes Radio/Charger - Model p745

P745 675 trilingual 04
Published: 08-17-2011
Filesize: 7.4 MB

P745 675 r 01
Published: 08-09-2011
Filesize: 585 KB

18 V Spotlight - Model p715

P715 151 trilingual
Published: 03-01-2010
Filesize: 1.84 MB

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