18V ONE+™ String Trimmer/Edger, Hedge Trimmer & Sweeper with (2) 1.3Ah Batteries & Charger

Model: #P2015

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For the perfect union of convenience and versatility, nothing beats the Ryobi ONE+ system. This ONE+ Combo Kit provides you with all the tools to make your yard look spectacular this season. It includes the One+ Trimmer/Edger, Hedge Trimmer, Blower/Sweeper, 2 Compact Lithium-ion Batteries and a Charger. As part of the Ryobi One+ system, this kit works with all Ryobi One+ tools. That's over 50 products running off the same battery. This One+ Combo Kit is ideal for anyone who's tired of dealing with gas and cords. All backed by a 3-year warranty, look to Ryobi for performance and versatility.

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Works with all Ryobi One+ tools and batteries

Hard Surface Sweeper is design for easy clearing of driveways, sidewalks and decks

Hedge Trimmer features18 in. dual-action blades for reduced vibration

String Trimmer/Edger features a 10-12 inch cut capacity for longer run-time or increased cutting path and an adjustable shaft for user comfort

String Trimmer Cutting Width: 10-12 in.

Hard Surface Sweeper MPH: 120

Hedge Trimmer Cut Capacity: 3/8 in.

Battery: (2) 18V Lithium-ion Batteries

  • String Trimmer
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Hard Surface Sweeper
  • 18V Lithium-ion Charger
  • (2) Compact Lithium-ion Battery

How do I manually advance the line on my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer?

  • Remove the battery.
  • Push the black button located on the string head while pulling on the line to manually advance the line.

How do I replace the line on my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer?

  • Remove the battery pack.
  • Remove the spool from the string head.
  • NOTE: Remove any old line remaining on the spool.
  • Cut a piece of line approximately 9 ft. long. Use only .065 in. round or .080 in. twisted monofilament line.
  • Insert the line into the anchor hole in the upper part of the spool. Wind the line around the supper part of the spool clockwise, as shown by the arrows on the spool. Place line in the slot on upper spool flange, leaving about 6 in. extended beyond the slot. Do not overfill. After winding the line, there should be at least ¼ in. between the wound line and the outside edge of the spool.
  • Replace the plastic retainer spool and the spool cap.

What do I do if my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer won’t start?

Possible Cause—Battery is not secure

  • To secure the battery pack, make sure the e battery pack is snapped into place.

Possible Cause—Battery is not charged:

  • Charge the battery pack according to the instructions included with your battery.

18 Volt String Trimmer/Edger - Model p2006a

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Published: 11-25-2013
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Published: 04-21-2015
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18 V Blower - Model p2102

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Published: 03-31-2018
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P2102 932 rpl
Published: 09-14-2010
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18 V Hedge Trimmer - Model p2603

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Published: 11-29-2012
Filesize: 2.49 MB

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Published: 09-14-2010
Filesize: 271 KB

18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Pack - Model p102

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Published: 08-04-2017
Filesize: 335 KB

18 Volt Battery Charger - Model p118b

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Published: 08-05-2019
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