Model: #P310G | Home Depot Sku #: 474885

RYOBI™ introduces the new and improved 18V ONE+™ Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun. This tool features over 500 lbs. of push force to handle higher viscosity material with ease and can apply more than 200 tubes of caulk per charged ONE+™ battery. The 18V ONE+™ Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun is backed by a 3-Year Warranty.

The 18V ONE+™ Power Caulk & Adhesive Gun is sold as a bare tool, allowing you to build your ONE+™ collection without spending additional money on batteries and chargers with each tool purchase.

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  • Over 500 lbs. of push force to handle higher viscosity materials allow user to caulk with ease
  • Variable speed selector lets user adjust the discharge rate to control the bead of caulk
  • Switch lock helps prevent accidental start-up
  • Center balanced handle for increased user comfort
  • 200+ tubes of caulk per charged battery using any RYOBI™ 18V ONE+™ battery
  • All metal manual plunger rod with hook end allows user to quickly change out tubes
  • Durable gears and carriage frame help insure tool longevity
  • On-board puncture tool to break tube seal if needed
  • New and improved GRIPZONE™ overmold for optimum grip and user comfort
  • Battery: 18V
  • Carriage: Standard 10 oz.
  • Discharge Rate: Variable
  • Tool Weight: 3.70 lbs
  • P310G Power Caulk & Adhesive Gun
  • Operator's Manual

18 V Caulk Gun - Model p310/p310g

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