17 PC. Titanium Drill Bit Set

Model: #AR2074

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The Ryobi SpeedLoad Plus 17-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set includes a chuck that accepts all 1/4 in. hex shank accessories. The set is an ideal accessory for drilling into metals, wood and plastics.

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  • Includes SpeedLoad+ chuck which accepts all 1/4" hex shank accessories, including 1" insert bits
  • Titanium coating reduces friction and increases drilling speed in metal
  • 135º split point drills on contact 1/4" hex shank

1/4" Speedload+ chuck: (1x) 1/4"

  • Hex Shank Drill Bits (16x):^1/16" (1x), 5/64" (1x), 3/32" (1x), 7/64" (1x), 9/64" (1x), 5/32" (1x), 11/64" (1x), 3/64" (1x), 13/64" (1x), 7/32" (1x), 15/64" (1x), 1/4" (1x), 5/16" (1x), 3/8 (1x), 1/8" (2x)

Titanium Drill Bits (17x)

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