product FAQs

How do I connect the high pressure hose setting? (RY80940)

  • Make sure the high pressure hose is uncoiled and straighten
  • Align the collar on the threaded nipple on the pump
  • Insert the nozzle on the end of the high pressure hose collar into the threaded nipple
  • Turn the collar clockwise to tighten the hose securely to the pump

NOTE: Be careful to avoid cross-threading, which can cause the hose to leak during use

  • Pull on the hose to be certain it is properly secured.

How do I connect the garden hose to the pressure washer? (RY80940)

NOTICE: Always observe all local regulations when connecting hoses to the water main. Some areas have restrictions against connecting directly to public drinking water supply to prevent the feedback of chemicals into the drinking water supply. Direct connection through a receiver tank or backflow preventer is usually permitted.

NOTE: The water supply must come from a water main. NEVER use hot water or water from pools, lakes, etc.

Before connecting the garden hose to the pressure washer:

  • Run water through the hose for 30 seconds to clean any debris from the hose
  • Inspect the screen in the water intake
  • If the screen is damaged, do not use the machine until the screen has been replaced
  • If the screen is dirty, clean it before connecting the garden hose to the machine

To connect the garden hose to the machine:

  • Completely uncoil the garden hose or remove completely from reel to prevent kinks

NOTE: There must be a minimum of 10 feet of unrestricted hose between the pressure washer intake and the hose faucet or shut off valve (such as a “Y” shut off connector).

  • With the hose faucet turned completely off, attach the end of the garden hose to the water intake. Tighten by hand.

NOTICE: Do not run the pressure washer pump without water supply connected and turned on, as this may damage the high pressure seals and decrease pump life. Completely unwind the hose from its reel or coil and make sure the hose is not being restricted by objects that may lessen or prevent water flow to the pressure washer

How do I prevent damage from the high pressure hose outer covering? (RY80940)

The high pressure hose features an outer covering that provides strength to the hose. If the outer covering becomes damaged, the hose must be replaced immediately.

WARNING: Do not use a high pressure hose if the outer covering is damaged
To prevent damage to the outer covering:

  • Inspect the hose before every use
  • Fully unwrap and straighten hose before use
  • Do not allow the high pressure hose to be kinked
  • Keep hose away from hot surfaces and sharp edges
  • Do not pull unit by high pressure hose
  • Do not allow hose to be crushed or wrapped around objects

How do I fill the tank on the blower? (RY09466)

WARNING: Gasoline and its vapors are highly flammable and explosive. To prevent serious personal injury and property damage, handle it with care. Keep away from ignition sources and open flames, handle outdoors only, do not smoke, and wipe up spills immediately

  • Clean the surface around the fuel cap to prevent contamination
  • Loosen the fuel cap slowly by turning counterclock-wise
  • Pour the fuel carefully into the tank and clean and inspect the fuel cap gasket before replacing the fuel cap
  • Replace the fuel cap and tighten it by turning it clock-wise
  • Wipe spilled fuel from the product and move at least 30 ft. away from refueling area before starting the product

NOTE: It is normal for smoke to be emitted from a new engine during first use.

WARNING: Always shut off engine before fueling. Never add fuel to a machine with a running or hot engine. Move at least 30 ft. from refueling site before starting engine. Do not smoke and stay away from open flames and sparks. Failure to safely handle fuel could result in serious personal injury.

How do I start and stop the blower? (RY09466)


• Place the blower on a bare, flat surface and slowly press the primer bulb 10 times

After the 7th press, fuel should be visible in the primer bulb. If it is not, continue to press the primer until you see fuel in the bulb.
• Set the choke lever to the FULL CHOKE position and do not squeeze the throttle trigger
• Start the unit with the cruise control lever in the IDLE position. Pull the starter grip and rope sharply until engine attempts to run (no more than 4 pulls)
• Set the choke lever to the HALF CHOKE position
• Pull the starter grip and rope until the engine runs. Do not pull the starter grip and rope more than six (6) times

NOTE: If the engine does not start, return to the FULL CHOKE position and repeat the steps that follow.

• Allow the engine to run for 15 seconds, then set the choke lever to the RUN position


• To stop the engine, depress the STOP switch to the stop position “ ”.

How do I restart the blower with a HOT ENGINE? (RY09466)

  • Set the choke lever to the RUN position and set the cruise control lever to IDLE
  • Do not squeeze the throttle to start a hot engine and pull the starter grip and rope until the engine runs

How do I use cruise control on the blower? (RY09466)

  • Pull cruise control lever back towards yourself, and stop at the desired throttle setting
  • To release the cruise control, push cruise control lever all the way towards the front of unit

How do I clean the air filter on the blower? (RY09466)

  • Remove the air filter cover by turning the dial counter clockwise while gently pulling on the cover
  • Rinse filter with clean water and gently squeeze filter until excess water is removed
  • Replace filter and then place the air filter cover back on the unit
  • Turn dial clock¬wise until cover is secure

How do I store the blower? (RY09466)

  • First, clean all foreign material from the product and store the idle unit indoors in a dry, well-ventilated area that is inaccessible to children

Note: Keep away from corrosive agents such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Also, abide by all ISO and local regulations for the safe storage and handling of gasoline

How do I store the blower for longer than a month? (RY09466)

  • Drain all fuel from tank into a container approved for gasoline and then run engine until it stops

How do I start my pressure washer? (RY14122)

NOTICE: Always use pressure washer with running water and make sure the hose is unwind so it can not get caught on any material.

  • Connect the garden hose

NOTE: Make sure the pressure washer’s water intake screen is in place and unclogged before use

  • Turn the garden hose on then squeeze the high pressure trigger to relieve air pressure
  • Once a steady flow of water appears, release the trigger

NOTE: Make sure the faucet is turned on fully and that there are no leaks in the hose.

  • Make sure the switch is in the OFF position and connect the pressure washer to the power supply
  • If using an extension cord, make sure to have a drip loop
  • Press the reset button on the pressure washer’s plug
  • Press ON ( I ) on the switch to start the motor.

How do I turn off my pressure washer (RY14122)

  • To stop the motor, release the trigger and press OFF ( O ) on the switch.

NOTE: The pressure washer may be on even though the pump and/or motor cannot be heard running. Always use caution around the pressure washer.

How do I properly store my Pressure washer? (RY14122)

NOTE: Using the pump protector regularly will give you better performance of the unit and increase the life of the pump. See the Replacement Parts List for available sizes and part numbers of these items and call customer service at 1-800-860-4050 to order.

  • Store in a dry, covered area where weather can’t damage the unit
  • Always empty water from all hoses, the pump, and the detergent bucket before storing
  • Make sure the on/off switch is in the OFF position
  • Disconnect the water connection
  • Tilt the pressure washer to allow any remaining water in the pump to drain
  • Coil the hose and place in the hook-and-loop strap on the unit’s handle and do not allow the hose to become tangled or kinked
  • Store the unit and accessories in an area that does not reach freezing temperatures and do not store near any sources of heat that could dry out the pump seals

How do I know how to select the right nozzle on my pressure washer? (RY14122)

NOTE: Each nozzle has a different spray pattern. Before starting any job you must determine the best nozzle for the task. Refer to the Nozzle Selection Guide for information about which nozzle to use

WARNING: NEVER change nozzles without engaging the lock-out on the trigger handle. NEVER point the wand at your face or at others.

To connect a nozzle to the trigger handle:

  • Turn off the pressure washer and shut off the water supply
  • Pull trigger to release water pressure
  • Engage the lock-out on the trigger handle by pushing up on the lock-out until it clicks into the slot
  • Pull back the quick-connect collar
  • Push the nozzle into place in the spray wand
  • Push the collar forward so that the nozzle is secured properly and make sure the nozzle is secure

To disconnect a nozzle from the trigger handle once the cleaning job is complete:

  • Turn off the pressure washer and shut off the water supply
  • Pull trigger to release water pressure
  • Engage the lock-out on the trigger handle by pushing up on the lock-out until it clicks into the slot
  • Remove the nozzle by placing hand over nozzle then pulling back the quick-connect collar
  • Place nozzle in the nozzle storage area on the trigger handle

How do I add soap to the pressure washer? (RY14122)

Notice: USE ONLY DETERGENTS DESIGNED FOR PRESSURE WASHERS. Do not use any detergents that are not specifically for pressure washers this can damage the unit. Many detergents require mixing prior to use. Prepare cleaning solution as instructed on the solution bottle.

To clean with soap:

  • Disconnect pressure washer from power supply.
  • Pour detergent in the detergent tank.

NOTE: Use a funnel to prevent accidental spilling of the detergent outside the tank

  • Install the blue or black soap nozzle on the spray wand
  • Squeeze the trigger and wait 5 seconds for the detergent to appear
  • Start the pressure washer and spray the detergent on a dry surface using long, even, overlapping strokes.

NOTE: To prevent streaking, do not allow detergent to dry on the surface

How do I get best results from my Laser Distance Measurer?

For best results using the Laser Distance Measurer, do not use in direct sunlight. The LDM works best in low-light conditions or in-doors.

Are longer cables available?

No, longer cables are currently not available for this device.

Can I remove the cable on this device?

No, the cable included on the inspection scope is not removable.

Can I replace the pins on the Moisture Meter?

Yes, the pins on the moisture meter can be replaced. Please contact our customer service group for replacement pins.

Where can I access all general Phone Works FAQs?

To learn more about the RYOBI Phone Works product line, visit our Getting Started Guide.