Phone Works™ Laser Distance Measurer

Model: #ES1000 | Home Depot Sku #: 1000-938-238

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Measure distance with more confidence and functionality than ever before. RYOBI Phone Works has the innovation to transform your phone into a smart laser measurer with the Phone Works mobile app and Laser Distance Measurer device. Everything a traditional laser measurer does, this cutting-edge Phone Works system uses your smartphone to do it better. The laser measurer plugs into your headphone jack to take length, area, volume, indirect, and continuous measurements with 1/16” accuracy at 90’. The device also features a range finder to alert you when a preset distance is reached. The free app turns your phone screen into a versatile management system, displaying your project with digital measurement read-outs. You can also capture high-definition images and videos, share measurements through email and social networks, and create files of each project for future reference. Get more functions and get more done with the RYOBI Phone Works Laser Distance Measurement device and mobile app. RYOBI Phone Works - Transform your phone into your smartest tool.


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  • Accurate within 1/16” at 90 ft.
  • Offers length, area, volume, indirect and continuous measurement functions
  • Displays images with digital measurement data on your smartphone screen
  • Features Imperial or metric, decimal or fraction measurement options
  • Range Finder to alert when a preset range is reached
  • Imperial or Metric / Fraction or Decimal display options
  • App available on the App Store and Google play
  • Optimized for iPhone (OS 6.0 or later) and most Android phones (version 4.0 or later)
  • Laser method of measurement
  • Length, area, volume and indirect modes
  • Continuous Length
  • Indirect Measurement
  • Rear Measurement Point on Tool
  • Max Distance – 90ft.
  • Accuracy – 1/16in.
  • Shareable Data
  • Picture Layover
  • (1) ES1000 Laser Distance Measure
  • (1) Phone Mount Clip
  • (2) AAA Battery

How do I get best results from my Laser Distance Measurer?

For best results using the Laser Distance Measurer, do not use in direct sunlight. The LDM works best in low-light conditions or in-doors.

Where can I access all general Phone Works FAQs?

To learn more about the RYOBI Phone Works product line, visit our Getting Started Guide.

Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer - Model es1000

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