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5" Portable Flooring Saw

Model: #RLS1351 | Home Depot Sku #: 958231

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Now that you have decided to add new flooring to your home, it is time chose the right tool to cut the flooring. There is no need to call a contractor because you can do it yourself with beautiful results. In the past workers needed a miter saw and table saw to create the cuts needed to lay flooring. This tool replaces both saws for flooring applications and is a fraction of the cost. Best-in-class dust collection means you can even make the cuts in the same room you are laying the floor, as opposed to walking outside to the other saws when you need to make a cut. This saw collects twice the amount of dust as the competitor and all residual dust is directed away from the user, unlike the competition. Available exclusively at The Home Depot.

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Die-cast aluminum work clamp holds material securely for miter cuts and cross cuts Die-cast aluminum table is sized for optimal material support and balance Push stick located conveniently on the side of the saw System accepts standard 1-1/4" vacuum attachments Best-in-class dust collection system directs residual dust away from user Blade guard rests directly on workpiece for optimal dust collection Ultra-portable, lightweight design for easy carrying Carry handle placed for ideal balance while transporting Sliding head provides maximum cross-cut and miter capacity from -15° to 45° Spindle lock for easy single wrench blade changes Toolless dual function fence provides accurate rip, cross and miter cuts High contrast, easy to read scales cast into table for fast set-up

Motor: ^120 Volt / 60 Hz / 7 Amps Blade Speed: ^11,000 RPM Blade Arbor: ^5/8" Blade Diameter: ^5" Tool Weight: ^18 lbs.

0° miter cut: ^11" 45° miter cut: ^8" -15° miter cut: ^10" Rip Cut: ^8" Depth of Cut: ^3/4"

RLS1351 Flooring Saw with Carbide-tipped Blade Miter/Rip Fence Assembly Support Feet Work Clamp Blade Wrench Dust Bag Push Stick Saw Handle Operator's Manual

5 in. Flooring Saw - Model rls1351

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