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3"x 18" Belt Sander

Model: #BE318-2

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This is a professionally featured 3 In. x 18 In. sander at a great value. The 5.3 amp motor provides power and performance for large surface sanding jobs. Belt maintenance is simple with the belt tension system, which keeps the belt aligned during use, and tension release lever, for quick and easy belt changes. For big jobs, the lock-on trigger makes extended use more comfortable. And you will appreciate the no-mess circular dust port, which allows you to use the dust bag that is included or an external vacuum to keep the work area clean. Ryobi. Pro Features. Affordable Prices.

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  • Powerful 5.3 Amp motor for increased performance
  • Belt tension system allows the user to maintain belt alignment during sanding
  • Belt tension release lever allows for quick, easy belt changes
  • Circular dust port allows for a vacuum hook-up Lock-on trigger for continuous stock removal
  • 2 Ergonomically-designed handles for enhanced user comfort
  • 700 Surface ft/min, allows for fast, aggressive sanding
  • Motor: 120V AC, 5.3 Amps
  • Belt Size: 3" x 18"
  • SFM: 700 (no load speeds)
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs.
  • 3" x 18" Sanding Belt
  • Dust Collection Bag

Belt Sander - Model be318-2, be3182g

Be318 2 599 trilingual 09
Published: 08-14-2013
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Be318 2 599 r 02
Published: 05-14-2013
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Be3182g 599 r 01
Published: 04-02-2014
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