18V ONE+™ Lithium+™HP 9.0 AH High Capacity Battery

Model: #P194 | Home Depot Sku #: 1003-067-665

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RYOBI introduces the 18V ONE+™ 9.0AH LITHIUM+™HP battery. This battery features advanced electronics to allow you to maximize tool performance with added capacity to all 18V ONE+™ tools. With superior runtime, power, and performance, this battery can take on more demanding applications than ever before with the introduction of HP technology. HP technology communicates with Brushless tools to maximize performance in all applications, allowing users to make faster cuts, drive larger screws, utilize bigger drill bits, etc. It has a durably constructed frame for impact protection and has a built-in 4-bar illuminated charge indicator. These batteries can be paired with over 100 tools from RYOBI’s 18V ONE+™ lineup.

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  • Over 9X runtime (compared to P102)
  • On-board fuel gauge allows you to easily check your charge
  • Lower resistance battery cells for maximum power delivery
  • HP communication technology paired with Brushless tools maximizes performance in all applications
  • Stands up to frigid weather conditions
  • Lithium-ion chemical composition resists drainage when idle
  • Recharge on any 18V ONE+™ dual-chemistry charger
  • Easily snaps into place and detaches with quick-release easy-access latches
  • Fade-free power for maximum performance
  • Battery delivers superior runtime power and performance
  • HP Performance does not apply to Brushless Lawn & Garden Products

(1) P194 Lithium+™HP 9.0 AH Battery

18 V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack - Model p194

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Published: 10-04-2017
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