18V ONE+™ Impact Driver

Model: #P236 | Home Depot Sku #: 725680

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The RYOBI® 18V ONE+™ Impact Driver delivers more innovation, features and power than ever before. The variable speed trigger assists in screw start up, allowing the unique impact mechanism to drive the longest deck screws or largest lag screws with ease by delivering more than 1,600 in lbs. of torque. It is over 33% faster and more powerful than the previous model and incorporates Tri-Beam LED lights to eliminate shadows on bits and fasteners in the darkest work areas.

When it is time get things done, just take the bit from the convenient on-board storage and place it in the Auto-load chuck. Nothing could be easier for fast, one handed bit changes. Use the EXCLUSIVE MagTray™ magnetic holder to keep screws and bits in easy reach. The new and improved GripZone™ overmold provides users optimum grip and comfort to equal a pro featured tool with performance to match.

The 18V ONE+™ Impact Driver is sold as a bare tool, allowing you to build on your ONE+™ collection without spending additional money on batteries and chargers with each tool purchase. Best of all, like every RYOBI® 18V ONE+™ blue or green tool, this Impact Driver works with any 18V ONE+™ battery. Upgrade to lithium-ion or LITHIUM+™ batteries for lighter weight and better performance.

Product Videos

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Torque Power

Powerful motor provides over 33% more torque than previous model for the most demanding driving applications

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Driving Mechanism

Unique impact mechanism designed to drive long screws and lag bolts with ease and variable speed trigger assists in screw start-up

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Tri-Beam LED

Tri-Beam LED provides optimum illumination and eliminates shadows on work surface

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User Convenience

MagTray™ magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits and improved GripZone™ overmold provides optimum grip and user comfort

  • Auto-load chuck for fast, easy one-handed bit loading and ejecting
  • Onboard bit storage for convenience
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All RYOBI 18V ONE+ tools work with all RYOBI 18V ONE+ batteries.

  • Battery: 18V
  • Torque: 1,600 in/lbs.
  • Speed: 0-3200 rpm
  • RPM (no load)
  • Chuck: 1/4 in. Coupler
  • Tool Weight: 2.55 lbs.
  • P236A Impact Driver
  • Phillips Bit
  • Socket Adaptor
  • Operator’s Manual
  • **Battery and Charger Sold Separately**

Can an impact driver remove lug nuts?

No, the impact driver is not designed for removing or tightening lug nuts. Its primary application is driving fasteners such as screws and lag bolts.

18 V Impact Driver - Model p236, p236a

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