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Ryobi P795 18V One+ Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light

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It’s all in the name – Ryobi 18V One+ Hybrid Color Range Work Light. That might be promising depending on what kind of work you do. So let’s take a closer look at what the P795 brings to the table and figure out where it fits in the wide world of LED work lights. Read more....

New RYOBI Devour 18V Cordless Sweeper Looks to be a Great Garbage Gobbler

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This odd-looking contraption is the new Ryobi Devour 18V cordless weeper, P3260, which is designed to clear large debris from your floor. It’s designed for picking up scraps of wood, nails, and “trash.”

It features dual rotating brushes, LED headlights, and a large 4-1/2 gallon tub. Ryobi says it can run 2 hours on a single battery. Read more....

Check out the ONE+ Stapler review from Toolsinaction.com

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Ryobi doesn’t skip a beat with this Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler. The Ryobi Airstrike line has been a great line overall, and the Narrow Crown Stapler fits right in with the pack. Ryobi is hard to beat in terms of value and their cordless tool lineup is extensive making investing in their battery line a great choice. Homeowners and DIYers will find this tool incredibly useful and at the pricepoint, it’s a great value. Read more....

Ryobi ONE+ Drywall Screw Gun Review – Brushless, Green And Serene

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The folks at Ryobi are nothing if not prolific. With over 100 tools in their 18V ONE+ lineup, they have a tool or accessory for just about every occasion. Recently, Ryobi has been incorporating the more efficient – and more expensive – brushless technology into more cordless tools, like their ONE+ belt sander, impact driver, and sliding compound miter saw. By “upping their game” with the more expensive technology, it seems Ryobi wants to increase their appeal to pro and serious DIY users. The latest addition to the brushless lime-green lineup, scheduled to hit the shelves any day... Read more....

Ryobi 18 volt One+ Floating Speaker/Light Show Review from Men's Journal

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This summer, I’m going all out at the pool. I’m talking massive swan floats, coolers that can keep ice cold for days, and old-school diving board moves. Of course, streaming music is a given, too. There are tons of great-sounding, water-resistant speakers on the market, but this Ryobi sets itself apart. It floats in the water with you, so the neighbors don’t have to listen to your B-sides. It uses the same battery that runs the most popular 18-volt power tool platform in the country, so chances are you’ve already got one in the garage. Read more....


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