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One Resolution is the Key to All the Rest

Posted by RYOBI Nation on 01/05/2015 at 10:10 PM in General, What's New

Ah, the New Year- a time for making changes and making plans. According to this list, some of the most popular resolutions in the US include losing weight, managing money, less drinking/smoking, and volunteering. While we applaud every initiative listed, we politely recommend an addition to this, and any New Years’ resolution list.

We love this resolution simply because, unlike weight loss and money management, the pay-off is instant.


Getting organized makes sense because order leads to success in other areas. You might say organization is the key to accomplishing your other resolutions.

Resolved to lose weight? Organize your cabinets and pantries with your healthy foods as the most accessible.

Resolved to manage money better? Organize your belongings and clear out unnecessary clutter. This helps you make use of stuff you already have, and prevents double purchasing.

Sure, organizing seems like a no-brainer, but we know- it’s easier said than done. That’s why our New Years’ resolution is to help you get organized!


We reached out to several celebrity bloggers and asked them to help us come up with some DIY organization solutions. We wanted ideas that were easy, affordable, and practical. Here's what they came up with.

From the chest of drawers to the coffee table, each of these DIY pieces use ready-made wooden crates from Home Depot - so assembly is simple and materials are inexpensive.


Have your eye on an organization project? Well, we’ve got a little extra motivation for you. Once completed, take pictures of your project and enter our January DIY Contest. Our guest bloggers will judge the best projects, and you could be the winner of $500 in RYOBI Tools!

Entering is simple- just upload your project pictures at RYOBINation.com, or tag your pictures with #RYOBIOrganized on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Every project is easier with the right materials and tools, so here’s a few things we recommend to make your DIY project a total success.

Wooden Crates from Home Depot

These ready-made crates will make shelving projects easier and faster!

Cordless Drill Kit

This is one of our top-rated drill kits, and it’s on sale for just $79.

Cordless/Electric Work Light

Keep working after sundown, which is what, 3pm in January? This new light works with RYOBI ONE+ batteries or an extension cord.

Keep watching RYOBI Nation as more organization projects start pouring in. You’re bound to be inspired.

Happy Organizing!

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