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Make Father's Day RYOBI-Filled

Posted by RYOBI Nation on 06/09/2014 at 9:02 PM in Current Events, What's New

Is your dad the work glove-wearing, tool-belt toting, Carhartt-loving type? This father’s day, get him a tool kit that will make his pulse quicken and his fingers ache for the power button. As one of the world's largest and most innovative manufacturers, RYOBI specializes in pro-featured power tools that get the job done better and faster.

Check out these top picks for the perfect father’s day present!

1. No project will be out of reach with this super powered, lithium-ion drill and impact driver. Frozen screws? Removed! Entire, multi-room tree house? Finished! You know he’s the best dad ever- shouldn’t he be the best equipped?


2. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate driving bit set. Not only does it come with virtually every bit your dad will ever need, it also includes a magnetic stubby screw guide with sliding sleeve for easy screw installation!


3. This drill and circular saw combo is perfect for the modern cowboy dad- sawing up wood and getting things done around the house and yard. Circular saws are great because they can be used for just about any project! Bonus points if you correctly use the insider slang, “circ saw” while discussing it with your dad.


4. With this all-you-need set, dad can tackle wood, plastic, and metal projects with a snap of a bit! His work will stand the test of time too, these bits are coated with black oxide finish for maximum durability!


5. Free your beloved father from the trappings of bulky air hoses, noisy compressors, and pricey gas cartridges. With this new cordless brad nailer, he can roam far and wide and tackle any trim job, anywhere!


6. Does your dad have a particular flair for demolition and dismantling? This drill and reciprocating saw kit will instantly become his new best friend! These devices are the epitome of cutting edge; the saw is ergonomically designed for optimal balance, and both devices feature patented intelliport technology, which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life and conserves energy! Here’s another secret tip, call this a “recip saw” to really impress him.


7. Help your dad keep going and going and going with these top of the line 18-volt lithium batteries. They are compatible with over 50 different Ryobi One Plus tools. He’ll love that he can check the power level gauge, and that the batteries provide max-level power right up until the very end. Did we mention they are 20% lighter than normal batteries?


8. Nothing will make your dad happier than the thought of cutting, drilling, and overall rocking to the tune of Led Zeppelin or Guns N’ Roses. This Toughtunes radio is hardy enough for any job site, has impressive sound quality, and can play music from your dad’s phone, iPod (he definitely still uses one), or other devices!



Enter the RYOBI giveaway on Hometalk to really spoil him this Father’s Day!

We’re giving one lucky Hometalk member a complete, 18-Volt 6 piece Ultimate Combo kit. While you’re there, check out their Home Improvement section for fun tips and tricks to share with your dad- you’ll really impress him with your know-how and slang (remember, “circ saw” and “recip saw”!).

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