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Renovation Complete!

Posted by RYOBI Nation on 04/09/2014 at 12:54 PM in General, Current Events, What's New

Renovation Complete!

As one of the world's largest & most innovative power tool manufacturers, RYOBI power tools is known for helping people complete weekend DIY projects, full room renovations and everything in between. Recently, we gave RyobiTools.com a renovation of its own.

Welcome to the new RYOBITools.com and RYOBI Nation!

Many updates have been made to enhance your experience. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Make the Site Your Own – All you have to do is create a simple profile, and you have a customized dashboard in RYOBITools.com. Have a quick reference to all the products you have registered with us and view your RYOBI Nation projects. Save content, such as how-to projects, videos and Read more

May DIY Days of Summer

Posted by RYOBI Nation on 05/22/2014 at 8:55 PM in General, What's New

The Spring/Summer season is off to a great start at RYOBI Power Tools.

We’re still stoked about the website renovation, and May is bringing even more summer excitement.

Get ready for the DIY Days of Summer. Here are a few highlights for the month:

Commercial Appeal

We’ve been working hard to get the Spring RYOBI ONE+ commercial polished up and ready for the airwaves. Starting this month, you’ll see fruits of our labor on major networks nationwide. Check it out - ONE+ Spring Commercial.

We worked with DIY expert Ana White (ana-white.com) to produce that gorgeous pergola, and you can find the detailed plans to build one, courtesy of Ana White, right here: RYOBI Nation Pergola Project. Which brings us to Read more

Make Father's Day RYOBI-Filled

Posted by RYOBI Nation on 06/09/2014 at 9:02 PM in Current Events, What's New

Is your dad the work glove-wearing, tool-belt toting, Carhartt-loving type? This father’s day, get him a tool kit that will make his pulse quicken and his fingers ache for the power button. As one of the world's largest and most innovative manufacturers, RYOBI specializes in pro-featured power tools that get the job done better and faster.

Check out these top picks for the perfect father’s day present!

1. No project will be out of reach with this super powered, lithium-ion drill and impact driver. Frozen screws? Removed! Entire, multi-room tree house? Finished! You know he’s the best dad ever- shouldn’t he be the best equipped?


2. This, ladies Read more

One Resolution is the Key to All the Rest

Posted by RYOBI Nation on 01/05/2015 at 10:10 PM in General, What's New

Ah, the New Year- a time for making changes and making plans. According to this list, some of the most popular resolutions in the US include losing weight, managing money, less drinking/smoking, and volunteering. While we applaud every initiative listed, we politely recommend an addition to this, and any New Years’ resolution list.

We love this resolution simply because, unlike weight loss and money management, the pay-off is instant.


Getting organized makes sense because order leads to success in other areas. You might say organization is the key to accomplishing your other resolutions.

Resolved to lose weight? Organize your cabinets and pantries with your healthy foods as the most Read more


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