RYOBI Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer & App

Measure distance with more confidence and functionality than ever before. RYOBI Phone Works has the innovation to transform your phone into a smart laser measurer with the Phone Works mobile App and Laser Distance Measurer device.

  • Measures distances within 1/16” accuracy at 90’
  • Offers length, area, volume, indirect and continuous measurement functions
  • Displays images with digital measurement data on your smartphone screen
  • Features imperial or metric, decimal or fraction measurement options
  • Includes a built-in level for more precise measurements
  • Place measurements in photos for easy reference and more detailed descriptions

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Getting Started

Project Uses

  • Flooring Projects
  • Paint Projects
  • Landscape and Jobsite Quoting
  • Décor Projects
Photo: app in use

Precise Laser Measuring

Everything a traditional laser measurer does, this cutting-edge Phone Works system uses your smartphone to do it better. The laser measurer plugs into your headphone jack to take length, area, volume, indirect, and continuous measurements with 1/16” accuracy at 90’.

Measure distance with more confidence and functionality.

Enhanced by the RYOBI Phone Works App

The free app turns your phone screen into a versatile management system, displaying your project with digital measurement read-outs. You can also capture high-definition images and videos, share measurements through email and social networks, and create files of each project for future reference.

Photo: app in use

Now’s the time to upgrade. Get more functions and get more done with the RYOBI Phone Works Laser Distance Measurement device and mobile app.

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