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Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger Upgrade Kit

Model: #P126

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The RYOBI® 18V ONE+™ Upgrade Kit is a great choice whether you currently use Ni-Cd or lithium-ion batteries to power your ONE+ tools. It is the perfect way to upgrade battery performance. The charger works with all 18V ONE+ batteries, and the battery works with all 18V ONE+ tools, blue and green tools alike. The compact lithium-ion battery gives up to 20% more runtime, weighs 45% less and holds a charge 4X longer than a Ni-Cd battery. Lithium-ion batteries provide Fade-Free power, which stays constant until the charge is depleted and does not fade away like the power of a Ni-Cd battery. The compact design is ideal for use in tight areas and overhead applications. The charger features patented IntelliPort™ Technology, which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life, and is ENERGY STAR® rated. It is designed to store the batteries on the charger to condition them for peak performance. It charges the included battery in 30 minutes.

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Holds charge 4x longer 20% more performance 45% lighter weight *compared to Ryobi P100 18V Intelliport Dual Chemistry Charger Maximizes Battery Life - Charges stored batteries only as needed, which protects the batteries’ cells and maximizes life. Conserves Energy - EnergyStar® qualified system enters Energy Save Mode to conserve energy when not charging or maintaining batteries. Maintenance Mode - Batteries stored on charger are conditioned for peak performance. Energy Save Mode - EnergyStar® qualified system saves energy, protects battery cells, and maximizes life. Batteries charge in as little as 30 minutes

Battery:^ 18 Volt Input:^ 120V, 60 Hz, 85 W Output:^ 18V DC, 3A Cord:^ 6 ft.

P114 Charger P103 Compact Lithium- ion Battery Operator’s Manuals

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