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New Home! New Tool!

Posted by First Yard Bob on 06/03/2014 at 7:31 PM in Lawncare

As a long time fan of RYOBI’s power tools, and now as a new home homeowner with no HOA to take care of the yard, I decided to put their lawn tools to the test.

Now I’m not foreign to lawn work, as a kid my father had me mowing half an acre with a push mower, trimming around the house and sidewalks, and cutting down plenty of dead branches among other chores. So after years of getting “exercise” around the house I determined that I liked riding my bike as exercise a lot more. Hence, apartment living and town homes it was. That is until now with 1.3 acres of lawn maintenance.

Having had a few shoulder issues the concept of yanking a cord to get a little noisy gas engine to turn over Read more

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