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5 Reasons to Plant Your Own Backyard Grocery Store

Posted by RYOBI Outdoor on 08/21/2014 at 8:42 PM in Garden Talk, DIY Inspiration

1. Save Money

A pound of vegetables like tomatoes, spinach or bell peppers is around $1.50 per pound in grocery stores. When you grow your own, you only spend about .10 - .15 cents per pound! That’s a 90% savings when you grow your own vegetables in your backyard. Visit your local Home Depot to buy seeds!

2. Eat Healthier

Not only will you be saving yourself money and pesticide health risks, but you can also save yourself calories by growing your own garden! You’ll be more likely to make healthy choices if fruits and vegetables are readily available in your backyard. Check out some great garden-fresh recipes here.

3. Avoid Contaminated and Toxic Food

You can stop worrying about recalls, contamination and pesticides in your food when you control how its grown. Pesticides have been linked to side effects like diabetes, birth defects, autism and cancer. Eliminate the risk altogether with your own backyard garden. Want to know which fruits and vegetables have the worst reputation for pesticides? The Environmental Working Group ranks produce in its “Dirty Dozen” list each year. Learn more about the Dirty Dozen here.

4. Do it for Mother Nature.

Backyard gardens can help reduce your carbon footprint. Pesticides and herbicides contribute to air and water pollution. Transporting fruits and vegetables from all over the world also increases the environmental impact of store-bought produce. Go your own organic food and spare the earth of the extra pollution!

5. Garden Therapy

“Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.” - Author Unknown

‘nuff said.

What do you want to plant in your garden?

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