Look Before You Pump

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Today, more than ever, it is important to pay attention to the type of gas you put in your small engine outdoor power equipment.

Ethanol is being added to fuel more frequently and in higher doses. Higher ethanol blends tend to be less expensive but they will really cause problems for your tools as time goes on. Would you rather save a little now and pay for it later, or pay a little more to have your tools running for much longer?

4 Facts About Ethanol:

1. Fuel with more than 10% ethanol can corrode metals and rubber that are found in your small engine. This causes the engine to break down quicker.

2. It is actually illegal to use gas with more than 10% ethanol in your small engines!

3. The more ethanolRead more

Grow Your Own Avocado Plant

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Try something new this year - plant your own avocado tree!

Start the prep work now so come spring, your seedling will be ready to plant in the ground.

1. Remove the large brown pit from inside your avocado. Rinse the pit well and set it out to dry.

2. Push 4 toothpicks into the center of the seed (at its widest section). Put the toothpicks far enough in that they hold, but also so there is enough left to suspend the pit over a glass of water. The water should cover about an inch of the pit.

3. Put your water glass and seed in a warm place. Keep an eye on the water level to make sure it doesn’t get too low.

4. In 2-6 weeks, roots and a stem will begin to sprout from the seed. When the stem isRead more


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