What should I do if my app will not connect to my RYi2300BTA Bluetooth enabled generator?

If you are having difficulty with your GENCONTROL app, please be sure you are following all of the instructions outlined in the Owner’s Manual. If you are still having trouble, uninstall and reinstall your GENCONTROL App. If the problem persists, please call Ryobi customer service at 1.800.860.4050

Will the GENCONTROL app work on my tablet device?

The GENCONTROL app is primarily designed for Android or Apple smart phones. It may work on your tablet, but the layout could look slightly different from the layout on a smart phone.

How many generators can I pair to one smart phone?

The GENCONTROL App can connect to a maximum of two Bluetooth enabled RYi2300BTA generators with OR without using a parallel kit.

Can I use a new RYi2300BTA generator in parallel with my RYi2200 generator?

Yes, you can use the parallel kit between two new RYi2300BTA generators, or you can parallel a new RYi2300BTA and the older RYi2200 together for more power.

Will my generator be able to pair if it is not running?

No, the generator must be running for it to pair with a Bluetooth enabled device.

How do I know if my generator is connected to my phone?

When your generator is successfully paired with your device, a Bluetooth symbol will appear on the right side of the on-board LCD screen. If you do not see the Bluetooth symbol on the LCD screen of your generator, please refer to your Owner’s Manual to pair the generator with your smart phone.