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Window seat/dog bed
  • Window seat/dog bed

Window seat/dog bed

My dog Shelby had an old ratty chair she liked to sit in by the front window to watch for us to come home. I had to get rid of the chair due to its sad condition. I always wanted a window seat in the living room, so I decided i could build one! I did and I upholstered a cushion for the top and my dog and I are very happy with the results!!! I even brought the heat out the front toekick area. I am very proud of myself. Sometimes people sit on the window seat too! At Christmas time I will put a small tree and our nutcracker collection on the seat too. Shelby will learn to share!

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William Ver Valin
William Ver Valin

This is very cool. When I began renovating our new home I could set at my station and look out the windows which are about 3' from the floor. My poor Pugel Angel couldn't though. From scraps laying around I built her a perch (The Puppy Perch as we named it). To this day it still sets in the living room at her post. Yea to Shelby on your fine new perch.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Crafts & Decor, Furniture

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