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Wife's "Honey Do" Project
  • Wife's "Honey Do" Project

Wife's "Honey Do" Project

We had a small bedroom area with an ugly built in cabinet. My wife wanted a dressing table and was willing to sacrifice the cabinet and my weekends. This was a multistage project. First the cabinet had to go, then redoing the drywall and installing the light. After that the fun started- since the door to the closet was so close to the cabinet, I had to cut the door and framing and move it 10". I learned the joys of how to rehang a door ! The next steps were to cut the drywall to the left of the opening cause that's where the new door went, and then fixing that wall, too. I re-purposed the wood from the cabinet and made the desk from it. Remind me never to make my own drawers again! It was such a learning curve! Add a custom cut marble top, some tiling and a mirror and VIOLA!

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That came out really nice.

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