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Ultimate Garage
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Ultimate Garage

When I bought my 1970 era house 18 mo. ago the garage should have been condemned. The ceiling was water damaged and falling down, there were 2 metal shelving racks for storage, 1 flourecent light with a pull string and the floor was so oil & battery acid soaked I hated to walk on it. I called in an electrician, he ran a new circuit for my air compressor, installed light cans in the ceiling operated by a switch on the wall and dropped a line down for a light over a workbench that I planned on. I painted all the wall and the new drywalled ceiling. The cabinet company custom built the cabinets and workbench and I installed the snap together tiles on the floor. Which, by the way were cut to fit by my Ryobi 18 volt circular saw. Now my garage is my favorite place to be on the weekends!

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Awesome setup!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Renovations, Garage

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