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The Steel Bar
The Steel Bar
  • The Steel Bar
  • The Steel Bar

The Steel Bar

We recently moved into a new house with a finished basement, it had a perfect little bump-out in which to place a basement bar. After seeing the lack of quality and price of basement bars found online and at local stores I decided to build my own. I was able to get my hands on a 15 foot piece of reclaimed Chicago style maple bar rail with a laminate countertop. After wandering through Home Depot for ideas on building the base I decided to use corrugated steel roof panels.

Armed with my Ryobi cordless drills, cordless circular saw, Corner Cat finish sander and a Tuff Sucker wet/dry vacuum I was ready to go. The biggest challenge was building two jigs to cut the 22.5 degree corners for the bar rail. Not being an expert it was slow going and took a little trial and error with my homemade jigs and Ryobi cordless saw. The rail was sanded with my Ryobi Corner Cat and then finished by rubbing in multiple coats of black polyurethane stain; this allowed the grain to show through quite nicely. The foot rail and framing was built with 1x2, 1x4, 1x6 and 2x4 pine and painted with heavy coats of the black polyurethane stain. The next step was cutting the corrugated steel; I decided to use a pair of tin snips. Aside from about a thousand razor thin cuts on my hands I could not have been more pleased with how the panels came out. The roof panels were secured to the frame with dozens of steel bolts using my two Ryobi drills, one with an all purpose bit and the other with a ¼ inch nut driver.

Thanks to my Ryobi tools the project turned out fantastic.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Crafts & Decor, Furniture

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