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The ice cream stand
  • The ice cream stand

The ice cream stand

When I was a kid, I loved to build small houses. Forts, treehouses, huts, you name it, I built it. So when my first grandchild was born, I knew at some point in her life, she would have some kind of play structure. After doing some research on the Internet, I came up with a 4' x 8' playhouse that came close to resembling the house my stepson and his family lived in. The floor, walls and roof were all prefabbed and then painted by my wife Sue. Then we loaded everything in the truck and drove it from Maine to the kids (my granddaughter was joined two years later by her brother) home in Connecticut where I assembled it with my stepson. While I originally envisioned a clubhouse, the kids and their mother have turned it into "the icecream stand." It's a huge hit with the kids, their mother and the other children in the neighborhood.

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