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Solar panel caulking marathon
  • Solar panel caulking marathon

Solar panel caulking marathon

The seals around my 30 year old solar panels were leaking and allowing water leakage down into my soffits. The only way to seal them was to lean a 24 foot extension ladder onto the panels at a very unsafe angle and caulk every inch of the 350 feet of joints.

The angle problem was solved by duct taping a spreader bar on the top end of the ladder to straddle the glass panes and also by anchoring the bottom of the ladder so that it would not slip out when I was near the top. With over a football field length of joint to seal, using a Ryobi 18V Power Caulk Gun made the job relatively easy even though I could usually only use it one handed. I only had to recharge the battery once for the entire job, so the average homeowner caulking job of a couple of windows would be a cakewalk for this tool.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Construction, Other

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