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Woke one morning and said to myself I need a new shed. My existing shed was a 6'x8' barn style shed with a rotted floor and rotted walls. The shed shed would rock back and forth if you pushed on the walls. After looking into pre fab sheds I new I could build one for half the cost. Of course I went and submitted plans and applied for the building permit for a new 10'x14' shed.
The following weekend demolition and the reconstruction began.I cleaned the debris from the shed and dug and poured five anchors 36"D and 10"R. The following day I began to frame. Each day little by little a shed appeared.
In just a few weekends and nights after work I now have the best shed on the block! That is what I believe because I built it with my own two hands, ok, I had a little help. My Ryobi tools did most of the work. My compound miter saw worked great for the roof angels, my 10" Ryobi table saw ripped the walls, my Ryobi reciprocating saw was used for the window and door openings. Also my Ryobi drill and auto hammer help me hold everything together. I can't forget my wife, she was an extra set of hands and a bang up job on clean up assistant!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Construction, Garage

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