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Keep kids busy with this portable lap desk with storage and folding legs. Long car trips don't have to be boring when you provide kids with an activity space to call their own. Fill up the storage bin with coloring books, paper, markers and pencils and keep secure with a latch hook then when kids are ready open the top and they have everything on hand. Use the table top storage compartment to keep pens and pencils from rolling away while driving. The legs fold completely flat under the storage bin when not in use for easy transport.

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  1. Project Steps

    1. Step: 1

      Large eaf0d9b2 6946 4187 b5a1 33c44430e8e2

    2. Step: 2

      Large e8b7567a 67a0 47c9 8886 84e36a70706c

    3. Step: 3

      Large 3e95d9a5 ec72 41d8 a165 639eb424c831

    4. Step: 4

      Large 95d02bd2 dc14 4d8d ac88 bfa4bb522f96

      tep 1: Construct interior frame. Attach interior dividers to sides using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails.

    5. Step: 5

      Large a6b5b3a0 1285 4365 8dd3 632f11dcc236

      Step 2: Attach exterior sides to interior frame using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails.

    6. Step: 6

      Large 57f56650 012c 4c02 a33d b8a4f3c08c21

      Step 3: Attach base to interior frame using wood glue and ¾” finish nails. Set aside.

    7. Step: 7

      Large d55eb725 5afd 4305 b7f0 fcc07659648c

      Step 4: Make legs. Attach cross support to legs using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails. Make 2.

    8. Step: 8

      Large 1d6912bf 4ffe 4c1d 8d1e 853ff704620e

      Step 5: Attach legs to exterior long sides. Predrill holes for connecting bolts and nuts then insert and tighten using hex wrenches.

    9. Step: 9

      Large b7080534 a9b1 4b9e b6e9 4922f69e8d6c

      Be certain when legs fold down they are flush to sides:

    10. Step: 10

      Large b1267962 879b 47a8 82e2 1cfb856614df

      Step 6: Attach exterior long sides to interior frame using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails.

    11. Step: 11

      Large c4c69d84 97ed 4aa6 bd71 90a0b07b1fba

      Step 7: Attach trim to top using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails. Sand well and finish as desired. Attach top to base using 2 hinges then complete with latch hook.

Comments (3)

  • What a clever project. Road trips just got WAY more fun for kiddos with this lap desk!

    By RYOBI Nation

  • Jamie, this is really a great project, I am just about to build it out for my pumpkin. Love that it is multi funtional for both car riding or even at home. Thank you for sharing the plans. Love your work.

    By Saisara

  • Thank you Jamie, I did create a lapdesk earlier, but these modifications really help make my munchkin happy. Is it possible to have the cut list detailed, properly since most of the left side seems to have trimmed.

    By Saisara

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