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Photo Frame
Photo Frame
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Photo Frame

I needed a small picture frame for a painting that my wife made for me. The painting was a non-standard size so a store-bought frame would have been very expensive or required using a mat, and I don't like the way matted photo frames look. Because the size was small, my normal strap clamp was too big and didn't want to hold everything together very well. So after I glued the miter joints, I used my Ryobi P318 23 gauge pin nailer to hold things together. The pins are practically invisible so they don't distract from the rest of the frame. After letting the glue dry, I added a coat of tung oil to really bring out the grain in the black walnut. Once that dried, I attached the hanger and used a Logan point driver to hold the photo, glass, and cardboard backer in place.

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Project Information

Difficulty: Easy
Category: Crafts & Decor

Materials Used:

  • tung oil

  • cardboard

  • lexan

  • flexible points

  • saw tooth picture hangers

  • wood glue

  • 1 inch 23 gauge headless pins

  • Black Walnut

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