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Am building a pergola next fall that will consist of trees that I have felled, sawed by a small local mill, air dried and then kiln dried. The main support beam will consist of two upright support beams 6"x8"x12' of white oak on each end with a 9"x9"x20' pine timber stretching from one set of white supports to the other white oak supports. Then for the roof itself that will start at the bottom of the 9x9 pine timber and go out at an angle to the roof supports. The roof will be built from locally grown timber that I am cutting and beginning to air dry which will take up to six months, then the bamboo will be cut in half and put together in a matter that the roof will not leak. The four supports for the roof will be either locally grown pine or oak or a possibility of getting some moso bamboo to make up the supports. Am using all locally grown down trees and bamboo. The moso bamboo would have to be specially order and is only an alternative. The patio will be 4" concrete then at the far end I will be building a outdoor pizza oven from plans I have. The pergola will also be constructed using Japanese joinery that I will be learning from Japanese Master woodworker. So far the only plan I am completed is attached, only the main support timbers

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces

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