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Pallet Board Family Sign
  • Pallet Board Family Sign

Pallet Board Family Sign

Always see pallet board stuff and decided to make a Christmas gift with the wood. Pallet board was tricky. Had to square it up as best as I could with a table saw and a straight edge of plywood. Lot more tricky then I envisioned. Held together with some 1x2 in the back spaced 16" (thought stud length was a good idea???). Everything on the front was done by hand. It's a gray stain with white chalk paint for accents. The giant L was done with painters tape and a razor. The letters were done by hand with a chalk/tracing method. You print out paper, put chalk on the back and trace the paper with a pen then that imprints the chalk on the board below. Chalk wipes off. You are good to go with a non-perfect lettering. Anyone can trace letters. This gives is a "I did it" kind of feel. 3 layers of water based poly (Oil turns the white yellowish). All Done.

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What a great Christmas gift - handmade personalized gifts are always the best!

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Project Information

Difficulty: Easy
Category: Crafts & Decor

Materials Used:

  • paint

  • chalk paint

  • gray stain

  • stainless steal screws

  • pallet board

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