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Outdoor Marmoset (monkey) cage
  • Outdoor Marmoset (monkey) cage

Outdoor Marmoset (monkey) cage

Built a 5ft by 4ft by 6.5ft cage, used 2x4 pressure treated wood, mesh fencing, half roof. Had to make sure the panels we're fastened tight, primates are known to find the smallest openings and escaped. This cage is by FWC standards to keep primates.
Cut all the wood, and built the panels including fastening mesh in 1 day.
Put all the panels up, including the roof, and fastened with brackets and screws the second day.
The cage has a tunnel that connects the cage to the bedroom to the monkey can go in and out during the day.
Estimted time of project 10 hours.

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Love the cage. Can You please advice me how you changed the window area for the monkey to get in and out.

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Difficulty: Easy
Categories: Recreation, Other

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