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"One Pallet Table"

  • August 13, 2016

Epic WoodworX
Epic WoodworX
Epic WoodworX
Epic WoodworX

This is a table I created from one pallet. It was really difficult to create a table with one pallet but I'm happy with the result! I enjoyed the challenge! I'm made the table with a modern but yet rustic look. Hope you like it!

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Comments (70)

  • This turned out very nice! Color variation really highlights the bottom support structure, and the top looks like it will last for years. I saw a similar type table in the window of Pier One for something like $475. Nicely done!

    By TC Builds

  • This is very cool. I would love the pattern on how you made this ;-)!

    By rchampine

  • Awesome looking table! Made from one pallet-that is incredible.

    By ChrisJW

  • This is simply amazing. Esp to be made out of 1 pallet. I've seen pieces like this before that go for well over 500 bucks. I'd love to get the template to make one of these.

    By Rcapps

  • Such a cool idea! Love the two-tones. Really great job!!

    By Maekellum

  • Amazing! It looks like you made the most out of every bit of the pallet. It's especially cool how you maintained key elements of the pallet's original construction. Very nice work- you really knocked the Pallet Challenge out of the park!

    By RYOBI Nation
    • Thank you so much...! That means a lot! Does Ryobi pick the winners or do the votes?

      By Epic WoodworX

  • Beautiful and we'll done !

    By terry304

  • This is awesome! If I understand the challenge correctly, this seems to be the only one that I've seen that's compliant to the rules set? I would love to buy this if it's available. Great job to the builder! You have my vote.

    By Nipper

  • Very impressive!!! Best one i have seen yet!!!

    By outlaw40

  • Wow.. I like tgis because I actually look at it and don't think "Oh a PALLET UPCYCLE".. Nicely done!

    By Debmtaylor

  • How creative! That's impressive to have the vision, and also the skill, to to create a beautifully finished and functional table from a raw pallet. My vote is submitted. Best of luck!

    By GDPicasso

  • Great work big man... I'm impressed as usual.. Amazing work yet again..!

    By SmittyLee

  • A beautiful piece of art! This table would fit perfectly into any home decor! So creative and versatile!!! Love it!!!

    By Little fox

  • Absolutely...amazing!!! It awesome how you used just one pallet! Stunning!

    By Coral6

  • Awesome job, I agree it will work with any decor. Very impressive!

    By the Mimi's

  • Fatkid55, the winners of the Pallet Challenge will be the folks whose projects follow the challenge requirements. Projects submitted outside the challenge's requirements will still be eligible for the Power to the People monthly award.

    By RYOBI Nation

  • LOVE IT!!! You are SO talented!

    By abelongia

  • Gorgeous piece! This blows my mind that you were able to build it from only 1 pallet!

    By Richwed

  • So talented! It came out so beautiful and one of a kind. Everything you make is awesome that's why we have one of your pieces in our home and get so many compliments. Hope you win you deserve it!

    By KimmyG

  • This piece has a lot of character! Great work dude!

    By BmackG-City

  • Beautiful table, you are talented for sure! Best pallet project I've ever seen.

    By Valerie Izzy

  • How big was that one pallet? Cause the challenge was suppose to be one pallet.

    By Epic WoodworX

  • I like this a lot! Great creation and from one pallet?!

    By Hanadee

  • Can you make a kitchen table with 2 pallets? I've got them sitting in my garage, waiting for you.

    By Bjsweet28

  • This is the most beautiful table!! Epic Woodworx is so talented, love the work and creativity of all of his projects!

    By Jen8380

  • This is the most beautiful table!! Epic Woodworx is so talented, love the work and creativity of all of his projects!

    By Jen8380

  • Absolutely stunning!!!! I hope you win the competition!

    By Shrek55

  • Nice! You should definitely win!!

    By Rick78

  • This is really beautiful!

    By CherylH

  • Very pretty! A real winner for sure

    By Drbe173

  • Well done! Beautiful and ingenious! Thanks for letting your friends in Wake County know about this project.

    By kzmartin

  • Hi, Epic WoodWorx! Essentially, as long as the structure's materials came from one pallet, they will generally be eligible for the Pallet Challenge. Paint, stain, lights and other kinds of decorative embellishments will not disqualify the project.

    By RYOBI Nation

  • Impressive Job. Love it

    By terry65

  • Impressive Job. Love it

    By terry65

  • Great workmanship! It's hard to believe that was once "One man's trash" :) Looks awesome.

    By johnniestang

  • Impressive use of pallet wood. Win-win!!

    By Tdog14

  • Wow. We are impressed. I wish we had that talent, but glad that you do and are willing to share it.

    By Leary

  • Hi, Epic WoodWorx! The winners will be the ones who stick to the material rules. Your project is a great example- built entirely from a single pallet, and painted/stained. Good luck!

    By RYOBI Nation
    • Ok, thanks! Also will the top 3 (easy, Medium, & hard)category that are entered in Pallet Challenge also be entered to win power of the people competition?

      By Epic WoodworX

  • This is fantastic! My favorite, by far.

    By bucmjt

  • This is fantastic! My favorite, by far.

    By bucmjt

  • This is a beautiful table! I'd love to have it! I love the two different colors. You should be very proud!

    By Rapunzel

  • Hi, Epic WoodWorX! A single project can only win one of the 4 monthly awards. (3 Challenge Winners, 1 Power to the People winner).

    By RYOBI Nation
    • So just like julys winners there will be 1 easy winner, 1 mediums winner , 1 hard winner, then that is all in pallet Challenge and then there is 1 power to the people winner is that correct....?

      By Epic WoodworX

  • Whoooo hooooo! Congratulations on your win! Great job with this challenge!

    By rchampine

  • Epic, do you have a pattern you would be willing to share?

    By Tigreseis

  • I love it! Wish you posted instructions!

    By Marci1

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