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Old house renovation (in-progress)
  • Old house renovation (in-progress)

Old house renovation (in-progress)

My wife and I bought an abandoned/vacant house. It had been untouched for 2 1/2 years. Re-taking the house from the termites, flooding, squirrels and a gazillion mice, while revamping the entire structure has been an on-going adventure to day the least. Having been in Saudi Arabia for the past 23 years, I 'armed' myself exclusively with Ryobi tools. First, were the hardwood floors. They looked as if they were out of a fun house. The moisture had buckled ALL the rooms. Next, was turning this 1800 sqare foot 2 bedroom into a single bedroom with new steam bath and walk-in closet. Next was knocking down a wall and expanding the 'great' room. Next were the new 'glass' walls that overlook our deer infested woods. Our next project (once the snow melts) is to re-roof and add a 'work'n' barn and deck. Then (and ONLY then) will we tackle the 'yard'. Till then, my wife & I call our residence the "Pizza Hut on an Ant hill".

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Renovations

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