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OFF GRID Solar House
  • OFF GRID Solar House

OFF GRID Solar House

Ryobi Battery Problem

For 45+ years, I have been building my, OFF the GRID (Green) Solar House in the Santa Fe National Forest of New Mexico ( The location is very rural and when I started there was no electric power available. I had one small solar panel and a generator. Battery powered tools were the best thing I could possibly have fro this situation. Over the years I have bought, virtually, a full line of Ryobi Construction tools and many duplicated e.g. 5 drills. These tools have made the job much easier than it would have been had I needed to depend on cables and generator etc. the one objectionable issue I have had is batteries. When I first bought, only the old NiCads were available and I now have a box of 40+ useless NiCads. Finally the Lithium batteries appeared but they are still too expensive for someone like me who uses so many of them. Batteries are the future (and most important part) of ALL technology and, like hybrid, fuel efficient cars, all industries should concentrate (intensely focus) on making them less expensive, more available and, continually, more efficient.

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Difficulty: Advanced
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