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nonprofit kennel contruction
  • nonprofit kennel contruction

nonprofit kennel contruction

BARK ( is a non-profit dog rescue operation on 75 acres near Richmond VA where we rescue and re-home dogs from shelters. We house over 125 dogs at our farm and have 10 outside runs where dogs get daily outside play time while inside kennel cleaning is being done. Outside runs all need to be rebuilt and expanded with 8 foot fencing. Requires generator for power, drills, saws, staplers, and many hours from our volunteers. Posts are set in ground 3 feet and heavy fencing used all around. Galvanized 6 foot gate at each run. Size of run is about 20'x20'. BARK adopts over 400 dogs per year through our program So far, one has been rebuilt and 9 more to go. Takes about 16 hours per outside run.

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Project Information

Difficulty: Intermediate

Materials Used:

  • Ryobi Generator, drills, saws, pneumatic nailer and staplers plus hand tools

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