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My Raised Bed Garden Boxes
  • My Raised Bed Garden Boxes

My Raised Bed Garden Boxes

While at store one day this spring, my friends and I were looking at a readymade plastic raised bed garden kit. This was about $40 and was 12 square feet (3x4). I said “that’s crazy; I can make them out of wood for less and even can make them larger”.

So - Off to get lumber, purchased I purchased 18 2x6x8's and 3 2x3's and a box of 100 anchor bolts. Using my Ryobi 18V One+ tools (Circular Saw, Compact Drill, and the Finish Sander) and although it didn't play a big part in building the boxes it sure felt good to have the Portable Fan blowing my direction. I built the first one at my house... then loaded up the tools and went to Mama’s house and built 2 more. They are now in full use... as seen in the picture. Mine are 32 square feet of growing space (4x8).

For 1 Box - I used six 8' 2x6's (cut two in half) and one 2x3 cut in 12" sections, and 32 2" Bolts. Using the 2x3 sections on the inside I secured the 2x6's to one another with the bolts. Total of six cuts, used the sander where needed to smooth any sharp edges, drilled the starter holes and finished by using the drill to screw the bolts in place. "DONE"!

I have received a lot of requests for these, however, I advise them to check out Home Depot, pick up a Ryobi "starter kit" and get creative. I love my Ryobi tools, they are comfortable in my hands, they aren’t extremely heavy and I don’t have to worry about having a power source near the work area. I built these on sites and didn’t have to move them after completion.

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