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My new tool shed 12x8 Knoxville TN.- Slagle
  • My new tool shed 12x8 Knoxville TN.- Slagle

My new tool shed 12x8 Knoxville TN.- Slagle

I am a electrician and not a carpenter but I can use all type's of tools with a rule of common sense and I am a fast learner so combine the two and you got a somewhat of a carpenter and you can learn a lot as you go a long . After many trips to home depot over 2 months and 1500.00 in building materials and the used of my Ryobi tools like my 18 volt cordless drills & saws, I have 3 Ryobi 18 volt 1/2 inch drills with one 3/8 inch right angle drill ,saws & saws all using the 18 volt one plus ni ad batteries and only one 18 volt lithium battery I got with the string trimmer that I use with all my drills & saws . I need to buy some more of the 18 volt lithium batteries to go with all my Ryobi tools because they work so much better with the more power and longer run time . I am very glad that Ryobi made a stronger battery to fit all my older Ryobi tools because I have over 10 tools that I use at my electric service company that I own here in Knoxville TN. Well I built my tool shed with my Ryobi tools and the one lithium battery and I think I did a pretty good job at that ! I'm sending you a picture of my masterpiece that I built with my Ryobi tools and to say thanks Ryobi for making good tools at a affordable price.Oh and by the way I would love to win the prize package so I could buy some more lithium batteries !

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Construction, Garage

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