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My Mom's Planter Box
  • My Mom's Planter Box

My Mom's Planter Box

My inspiration for this project was my mom. I am 14 and wanted to build her a planter box. I have never built anything before but I had a picture in my head of how I wanted the planter box to look. I used wood stakes for most of it, cutting and sanding them to the rights size with my Ryobi tools (I used some birthday money to buy 3 awesome Ryobi tools). I elevated it and put 6 small holes in the bottom so water can drain. I painted it with a sealer. I realized after I put the dirt and cactus in that water made the wood expand so I reinforced it with my Ryobi nail gun. That surprised me. My mom showed a lot of her friends the planter box I built and everyone really liked it. I have 7 requests to make more (and they will pay me).

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this is beautiful! love the design. I bet the expansion threw you off, maybe you could make future ones with a weather sealer to keep the water from effecting the wood. great!

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