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Just Hanging Around: A Coatrack Story
  • Just Hanging Around: A Coatrack Story

Just Hanging Around: A Coatrack Story

This coatrack story starts off with lots of things that are just hanging around. Pieces of old real estate signs hanging around in a burn pile at work, antique frames piled up in my studio, vintage doorknobs that made their way, one by one, to hang around in different parts of my house, and cast off picture frames congregating in lonely flocks at the thrift store. I first cut the sign materials to the same shape as the old frame. Then painted the frame and aged it with wax. While the paint was drying on a very nice day I collaged old sheet music over the sign to create a background for the coatrack. After everything was dry I glued and stapled the frame to the back. Next I cut all thread and glued it into the old doorknobs. I drilled holes in the background to accomodate some hardware to screw the doorkobs into. Next was painting the 5x7 picture frames so they would all match. Last we hung it on the wall and it was ready to hold the many coats of our family in style.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor

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