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Island in the sun
  • Island in the sun

Island in the sun

Though i built it some years back, i feel it warrants a "job well done". an island you see , in my back yard indeed. i had help over the months it took, now it's surrounded by water some say a brook. then I added a screen house, and a home was made by a friendly mouse. a retaining wall was next on my list, so as not to fall off, maybe break a wrist, if i got tossed off. two bridges we built, for the first one broke, when riding my mower , with a full load in tote.. i use your drill driver, a circular saw too, wish you had a post hole digger, that would be cool. the impact driver , worked harder and harder, but now the jobs done, so all could relax and have some fun. misfit island i call it, dedicated to "charlie in the box" , you know from TV.

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Difficulty: Advanced
Category: Exterior Spaces

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