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Home Remodel
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Home Remodel

I bought a historic Victorian home in October 2010 that had never been updated and (poor house) used as rental property by a slum lord.

I have since built a fence using all products and Ryobi tools from Home Depot, refinished the 200 year old Douglas Fir floors, painted all rooms and trim, refinished the bathroom, laundry room, and am currently (almost done!) refinishing the kitchen. My Ryobi tools have touched every room in my house!

My Ryobi tools have been a lifesaver and absolutely WONDERFUL. My drill hangs everything from little picture frames to support beams. My sweet little circular saw has made a fence idea a reality. Even a wooden hamper was constructed with my Ryobi drill and chop saw. Did I mention repairs? Oh so many repairs!

Thank you, Ryobi, for creating such a reliable tool. In my opinion, Ryobi is quickly becoming what Craftsman used to be 20 years ago.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Renovations, Construction

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