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Holiday Mantel Ornament Art

This project was inspired by those overly large ornaments that hang in department stores and various other places. I wanted to create something ornament shaped and large, so I let some half-formed ideas rattle around in my brain for a while and this is what came out.

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  1. Project Steps

    1. Step: 1

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      First, cut two squares of 1/4 in plywood to measure 16x16”. They will be the front and back of the shadow box.

    2. Step: 2

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      Next, cut a large ornament shape from paper and trace it onto the center of one of the squares.

    3. Step: 3

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      Cut some scrap wood strips to measure 14.5” in length. They will be glued to the other square of plywood to create the back wall of the piece.

    4. Step: 4

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      Next, glue the pieces onto the plywood backing, using heavy objects to clamp the wood strips down. Leave 3/4 in of space all the way around so the frame can be “sandwiched” between the front and back pieces of plywood.

    5. Step: 5

      Large ec9bc701 95e7 47a5 a972 a23115fedb2d

      When glue has dried, lay out your frame around the scrap wood strips.

    6. Step: 6

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      Glue / nail the frame together at the corners.

    7. Step: 7

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      Flip everything over, and attach the backing to the frame.

    8. Step: 8

      Large 85b3acce e30b 4138 a901 a218f2d868bc

      Front panel cut out: I used a table saw to ensure a perfectly straight line for the ornament “string”.

    9. Step: 9

      Large 2f157906 5bc8 4c0d 9761 7301670cef06

      Cut out along the traced line with the scroll saw.

    10. Step: 10

      Large 23203bbc 2f66 431c 8392 a3c2999f0534

      Sand any rough edges.

    11. Step: 11

      Large bf792732 4a69 4083 8eeb f63976eebaa0

      Attach front panel cutout piece to the frame.

    12. Step: 12

      Large e744d291 3a5c 4e64 a4b6 0edbf86dc239

      For added effect, install some battery operated Christmas lights to the back of the front panel. (I used painter’s tape because it’s easy to remove.)

    13. Step: 13

      Large 807acff1 20ad 4017 84a5 a72bdd39b381

      …and there you have it! A unique holiday mantel display for the love of overly-large ornaments. Thanks for reading! *This tutorial was sponsored by RYOBI Power Tools. All opinions are my own and they are real, made so by my own real life experience. Thank you. :)

Comments (12)

  • Very original and a nice change from the usual mantle decorations. I might need to invest in a scroll saw.

    By MOgreen

  • I definitely want a Ryobi scroll saw. My jigsaw just doesn't cut that clean! Love, love it, I have many scraps I can use!!!!!

    By thepauls4_63389

  • This is a really cool project! I jave been meaning to get back into woodworking

    By Kenlor

  • Great job & great idea! But what did you end up doing with the ornaments that were cut out?

    By Gigi 16

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