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Granddaughter's Baby Ensemble
  • Granddaughter's Baby Ensemble

Granddaughter's Baby Ensemble

After hearing that Amanda my youngest daughter would be giving birth to her first child, she asked if I could build baby furniture for her. Over the years I have made pieces for my other grandchildren (5 total) and Amanda wanted to be sure to get in on the action. She collected pictures of commercial styles that she liked and we drew up plans for a bed and a dresser/changing table combination. The ensemble is made from rough dimensioned Philippine mahogany solids and PSA veneers. They are finished with a mahogany stain and satin poly. I have a small work space carved out of one side of my garage and I own quite a few Ryobi tools including a BT3 table saw, 2 hp router, sanders and a number of cordless OnePlus tools (drill, jig saw, circular saw, …) . They are good quality at a good price and have served me well over the years. Most of the piece parts and assemblies were cut, shaped, formed and sanded using my Ryobi tools. I have used my Ryobi tools on a number of projects and am pleased how well they perform even on hardwoods like maple. There’s a lot of router work on these two pieces; round-overs on the bed slats, moldings on the frame and panel sides and panel doors of the dresser and molding transitions top and bottom on both. Because we used mahogany, I found it necessary to fashion all the moldings myself. Between that and the panels and frames on the dresser sides and doors, my Ryobi router got a real workout and my table saw held up its end cutting through two inch mahogany. 40 hours later, the project is done. Mommy’s happy and little baby Amora Rose is doing well.

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Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Crafts & Decor, Furniture

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