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Garage Work Bench
  • Garage Work Bench

Garage Work Bench

I am new to building & am just getting into it. I am really excited for future projects & growing this hobby among our household. We just built a new house, so there are opportunities to projects everywhere. I have found 2 large projects I'd like to build, a new headboard for our master bedroom, & a tv console for our living room. I thought that in order to complete these projects successfully I first- need some practice, & second- need a place to work. So that led me into building my very own work bench! I did some online research & decided to purchase a kreg jig to complete this build & it all went from there. Using my ryobi drill & my kreg jig, (as well as the sweet gentlemen from lows who cut my lumbar), this project was much easier than I expected & a total success. It has brought me a lot of confidence & I can't wait to continue onto further projects. :) For this, I know that I need to increase my tool collection & I can't wait to start this journey with Ryobi! Thanks!

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Difficulty: Easy
Categories: Furniture, Garage

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