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Garage Organization


I recently moved into a new garage and my goal has been to replace my various, disjointed benches and storage with a modular and consistent workbenches and shelving.
My goals are to have every workbench and surface be the same height and to have all the cabinets and benches to be on french cleats or wheels so they can easily be moved around. This solution has been really nice as I can use the workbenches as in-feed or out-feed tables and move any of the pieces around to serve as needed.
Most of the designs were from other crafters and bloggers, I will post links in the comments, thank you for the designs and inspirations.
*Banana included for scale

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Comments (25)

  • We can tell a lot of planning went into this layout! Very resourceful idea to use the French cleats to make everything functional and mobile. Thank you for sharing with the RYOBI Nation community!

    • Thank you! I've been working on this garage plan for about six months. I got the idea for french cleats from my Uncle, they are incredibly useful!


  • Nice work, this is super cool. I especially like how your work tables are on wheels and you can reconfigure the layout depending on your project needs. The ability to move your sandpaper racks and rosin paper roll from the French cleat on the wall to your work table is ingenious. I'm planning a workshop reconfiguration in the near future and I definitely would like to add some of these features.

    By grover959
    • Thank you! I started with the french cleats on the walls, then the french cleats on the carts was just a natural progression of that.


  • Clamp Rack: Sandpaper Storage: Pegboard Wall Cabinet: Work benches:


  • Best use of space for work area. Very original & useful. Every aspect was thought out and planned into a good looking work area. Congratulations

    By Roundmen

  • The banana for scale was very good decision. Very original and show exactly how nice your wood projects work together in your wood shop.

    By Roundmen

  • That is the most efficient workshop ever.

    By billbot

  • This young man has really improved his work area. Clamps & sandpaper in their place. Need to sand a piece of wood, just bring sander and paper to manicure work table. Great idea and saving work steps. Nice work area. Thanks for sharing and giving us ideas.

    By Roundmen
    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! It's been a lot of fun to work on, and now I can work in it!


  • I keep watching the video. Your workshop/garage is very organized and with the peg board clamp and sandpaper holders you have gained 20’ of Working space. Nice improvement keep up the process of gaining work space. Thanks for sharing with Ryobi Nation

    By Roundmen

  • Very functional space. Outstanding job.

    By cfgomez
    • Thank you! I'll definitely get some good use out of it!


  • The shop looks great! I really like all the organization systems. The sandpaper holders, pegboard tool mounts, and racks all using french cleats makes it a very versatile work space. I will have to implement some of these ideas in my shop.

    By chezetoats
    • Thank you! Most of the items were plans from Rogue Engineer and Fix This Build That, and I got the idea of using french cleats from my uncle. I'm really happy with how it all turned out


  • Great video. I really love the clamp rack. I use a bought metal rolling rack that seems to be more in the way than useful. I think I have ANOTHER new project. Also the paper to match your workbench and on cleats, AWESOME! Are you starting a youtube channel?

    By mrpip
    • Thank you! The clamp rack was a design by Fix This Build That. I've thought about starting a YouTube channel, but editing video is not one of my strong suits.


  • Wow! I am a new woodworker, and was just starting to set up space. I have to be mobile to move to driveway to work (my wife hates sawdust), and even after watching many videos for ideas, this is the best I have seen that will work for me. You have changed my entire thought process. Thanks.

    By BobG0524
    • Thank you! I absolutely love having everything on wheels. I will often move everything outside if I know I'm going to make a lot of sawdust. Makes cleanup much easier. Post pictures of your workshop once you get it setup!


  • This is awesome! We are about to close on our first home which comes with a shed (WORKSHOP!!!) and this video has given me a lot of inspiration. We are planning on doing a lot of DIY projects and I really need something functional. This type of work area would be perfect. Plus adds space to get more tools! Thanks

    By TechyHome
    • Thank you! That shed workshop sounds awesome. Post pictures once you get it setup!


  • Loads of great ideas and the video shows you the perfect set up by this person. Love it and I'm sure this man will put all these things to great use. Great Planning and design.

    By baddog2b
    • Thank you very much, I've already got a couple good projects underway!


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