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From log to table

  • September 5, 2016


I tool some old cedar wood that was cut down and made it in to a table. First I had to go and find the logs that would be dry enough to use then I cut them in to the size I wanted. Then I made a simple jig for my table saw and took the logs to lumber. The hard part is to make sure you do not get logs that are to big. It is more of branches. You just cut then on three sides till you have three flat sides. Then you set your fence to how thick you would like your boards. Then you just lay everything out and decided where you want your birds to go. Then you cut and glue the boards on to some plywood. Set hot long you want your legs. Finally sand till it is smooth, and finish it all off with some lacked.

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Comments (18)

  • This turned out great! It's not everyday we see a project that started out as branches! Was it tricky to produce straight boards?

    By RYOBI Nation
    • It was very easy the tree was down for years so the wood was very dry. After it was all square it was just a matter of deciding how thick I wanted the boards.

      By TreyDATRUTH

  • Awesome, awesome work. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    By RYOBI Nation

  • I wish you would have shown some of the pieces as you cut them, or even show what hardware you used to put it together and a couple of steps. I have a general idea, but imagine that not everyone probably does. Keep up the nice wood work!!

    By JTroop
    • You should vote for me. I have pictures of the cut boards, and I can tell you how I did it.

      By TreyDATRUTH

  • I have pictures of the cut boards. You should vote for for me I can tell you just how I did it.

    By TreyDATRUTH

  • I love what you did. That table looks great. I would like to see what else you come up with.

    By kikesmith

  • Is that the natural color, or a stain? That is beautiful. Where did you get the idea?

    By Trey1987
    • It is just the color of the wood. I am glad you like it. My parents have a full bed made out of it. The boards are a lot bigger. I just want to see if I could do it. It turned out well.

      By TreyDATRUTH

  • this is the best project I have seen on here. I did not know you could mill wood on a table saw. if your other work is this Wonderfull you show start a youtube channel. I am sure with talent like this Ryobi would give you lots of free tools; or at least pay you well to be the sponsored tool brand.

    By deer run
    • That would be great. I wonder how that works. I think I would look great on YouTube. Lol. Plus I love tools. Let's make that happen.

      By TreyDATRUTH

  • Deer run. I think your right!

    By Mials101

  • Deer run. I think your right!

    By Mials101

  • We'll keep up the great work!!!!

    By Trey1987

  • wow this is amazing. how did you do this? did that really come from those trees? you show have put that on youtube.

    By samallen

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